The Call Sheet

TRUST IN SCHWIMMER: Lookingglass co-founder and Northwestern grad David Schwimmer will direct “Trust,” which begins filming in Michigan this month.  The thriller stars Clive Owen, Catherine Keener and Viola Davis.  Schwimmer wrote the story for the drama, and Andy Bellin wrote the script.

LEAVING IOWA: With the state’s tax credits suspended, production companies are jumping ship… but one film is not going too far.  “Cedar Rapids” has moved its camp over to Michigan and is currently in pre-production in Ann Arbor.  The comedy stars Ed Helms of “The Office,” John C. Reilly and Anne Heche, who was just in Detroit filming “Hung” for HBO.

UPDATING THE JOE’S: “The Last Rites of Joe May” stars Chicago natives Dennis Farina and Chelcie Ross (“Mad Men”) and will begin filming around town at the end of November.  Meanwhile, “The Return of Joe Rich” heads into post after wrapping filming last week.  Written and directed by Sam Auster, starring Armand Assante and Talia Shire.

GAME (OF DEATH) OVER? No, but the feature will be missing a big piece of its puzzle. Director Abel Ferrara (whose latest, the Nic Cage drama “Bad Lieutenant,” premieres this week at Landmark) has left the project to focus on Forrest Whittaker and 50 Cent’s new movie “Jekyll and Hyde.”  Ferrara has been replaced by Giorgio Serafini and fear not, “Game of Death” still has its real star, everyone’s favorite bad-ass Wesley Snipes.  And no, “Game of Death” is not a Bruce Lee remake.

WISCONSIN UPDATE: “No God No Master” and “Feed the Fish” in post-production and heading to festivals in 2010… more updates coming next month…

WHERE’S YOUR FOODITUDE? Elise Jaffe of Big Teeth Productions and Kerry O’Tolski are currently developing “Fooditude,” a reality based episodic television program for “tweens” (kids ages 8-12) that interactively teaches the basics of cooking and nutrition in a fun, relevant and age-appropriate way.  They’re having a fundraiser at Architectural Artifacts, 4325 North Ravenswood on Wednesday, November 18th at 6:30 pm.  You should go… be sure to purchase tickets at!

BMA NOMINEES ANNOUNCED! Last week at The Midwest Independent Film Festival, we presented our picks for the Best of the Midwest Awards!  You can check out the gorgeous on-screen presentation from Elephant Filmworks, cast your ballot AND buy your tickets for the BMAs all in one fell swoop at  See you at Rockit on Tuesday, December 1st!

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