READY FOR THEIR CLOSE-UP: FilmTecknarna Gets Chevy HHR in Gear

Showcasing the new Chevy HHR, "HHR Exterior" marks collaboration between FilmTecknarna (Stockholm) directors David Nord and Boris Nawratil, and advertising agency Campbell-Ewald (Detroit).  Set to a pulsing techno beat, the spot uncovers the magic in every aspect of the vehicle, from its wheels and headlights to its logo, grill, and color.

"The agency wanted to create something surprising, yet relevant to the print campaign they were working on, which was pop art inspired, vivid in color and aggressively framed," said Nord and Nawratil.  With this in mind, the directors designed a number of test animations.  A dialogue between the directors and the agency led to the concept and look of the finished product: a graphic, pop art-inspired interpretation of the brand new Chevrolet HHR.

"HHR Exterior" opens tight on an abstract image and pulls out farther and farther until we realize we're looking at the headlights of the HHR.  The intention is for the viewer to walk away from the experience knowing the vehicle, and remembering it.  “It's 'in-your-face' without losing the elegant design aspect," said the directors, who admired the client's willingness to approach the launch spot in such an unconventional manner.  "After all," he observed, "it's pretty out there."

Client: Chevy HHR

Title: "HHR Exterior"           
First Air Date: Sept 5, 2005
Prod. Company: FilmTecknarna (Stockholm, Sweden)
Director(s): David Nord, Boris Nawratil
DP: David Nord, Boris Nawratil
EP: Lars Ohlson
Producer: Susanne Granlof
Agency: Campbell-Ewald (Detroit)
ECD: William Ludwig
CD: Brent Bouchez
Art Director: Robin Todd
Copywriter: Nathan O'Brien
Agency Producer: Mary Ellen Krawczyk
Editorial: Filmtecknarna (Stockholm)
Editor: David Nord
Post/Effects: FilmTecknarna (Stockholm)
Song Title: “Music Revolution Starts Now”
Artist: Scumfrog (JSM Music, New York)
Location: Stockholm, Sweden