The Call Sheet: 01.08.07

Before we take a look at production in and around town, I just have to say: enough already with these TV shows pretending to be set in Chicago! I just caught a couple episodes of “My Boys” on TBS. These fools think that if they throw in a few shots of Wrigley Field from the late ‘70s, walk around the house in a Bears jersey and mention Ryne Sandberg a few times, they can dupe viewers into believing the show is set in Chicago. Enough!!! Fortunately, the “comedy” is laughter-free and should be off the air very soon.“Fred Claus” Update! Vince Vaughn and friends (i.e. Kevin Spacey and Paul Giamatti) will continue filming in Chicago through early February.Dave Miller of Mindlight Films is scheduled to shoot in and around Chicago this spring. Juan Frausto (“Once Upon a Time in the Hood”) is slated to direct an urban drama about a Latino man in a mid-life crisis turning to a life of crime. Send all inquiries to news for Kartemquin! Their stem cell piece, “Terra Incognita,” just received a $50,000 grant from the Sundance Documentary Fund to help finish the film. All info at“Project Greenlight 3” finalist Scott Smith just finished shooting a trailer as a vehicle to raise funds for “Ink,” which he co-wrote with Eric Anderson. Cast/crew includes Steppenwolf ensemble members Jim True-Frost and Tracy Letts, producers Leigh Jones and John Fromstein, DP Ken Seng, Thomas Beach on audio and editor Barney Miller of Company X. You can reach Scott Smith at“Actually, Adieu My Love” is currently shooting in Chicago and Savannah, GA. The feature is directed, written and co-produced by Chicago filmmaker Minji Kang. The lives of three young women interconnect as they attempt to overcome their own personal struggles. More about Ms. Kang at; please direct inquiries to your film heading into production?  Please drop me a note at and tell me all about it.Mike McNamara is the Co-founder and Director of The Midwest Independent Film Festival, Mike pays his rent as an actor in Chicago in theatre, commercials, television and film, and has been doing so for the past eight years.