The Call Sheet: 05.28.07

Chicago is hoppin! With “Batman 2”/“The Dark Knight”/“Rory’s First Kiss,” “The Return” (starring Rachel McAdams) and “Wanted” (starring Angelina Jolie) shooting here this summer, everyone should be busy. Meanwhile, “ER” might be stopping by and the TBS series “My Boys,” which has been pretending to be “Chicago-based,” might actually, finally do some shooting in Chicago. But that’s not all…Scott Prestin (“8 of Diamonds,” “The Devil’s Dominoes”) and American Stonehenge Films will be shooting their third feature this coming September, tentatively titled ”Chicago Blues.” Vincent Pastore (“The Sopranos,” “Goodfellas”) is attached, with more names coming down the pipe. Prestin describes the film as “a story about good cops, bad cops, kidnapping and thugs for hire…a gritty look at the seedy underbelly of Chicago…‘Crash’ meets ‘Pulp Fiction.’” “Chicago Blues” was written by John Pizzo, will be shot on 35mm by cinematographer Marc Menet and will be repped by American World Pictures. Please send cast/crew submissions to“Lefty” is the latest feature for Todd Looby and Obrigado Productions. The film is a light drama about two old friends returning home to the neighborhood. “Lefty” stars Mike Houlihan (“Tapioca”) and is scheduled to shoot this June and July in Chicago as a SAGINDIE low budget production. Cast/crew submissions to’s latest documentary-in-development, “Typeface,” recently received a $10,000 production grant from The Illinois Humanities Council. Kartemquin and The Center for Book and Paper Arts at Columbia College are hosting a benefit for the film on June 15. Check for more information.The musical “Were The World Mine” – a feature-length version of the award-winning short film “Fairies” – begins shooting in Chicago June 3. Written and directed by Northwestern graduate Tom Gustafson, “WTWM” is a quirky, life-affirming comedy starring Chicagoan Wendy Robie of “Twin Peaks” fame. Send crew submissions to on out to The Midwest Independent Film Festival ( Tuesday, June 5 and every First Tuesday at Landmark’s Century Centre Cinema and, as always, if your film is heading into production, please drop me a note at I’ll do my best to add it to The Call Sheet!Mike McNamara is the Co-Founder and Director of The Midwest Independent Film Festival, Mike pays his rent as an actor in Chicago in theatre, commercials, television and film and has been doing so for the past eight years.