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The Call Sheet

VINCE RETURNING IN 2011? Hometown hero Vince Vaughn might be bringing yet another production back to Chicago in early 2011. “Old St. Louis” centers on a divorced traveling toy salesman (Vaughn) who reconnects with his teen daughter after years on the road. Scarlett Johansson is reportedly attached to the project to play Vaughn’s love interest, a secretary who accompanies the dad/daughter duo on their cross-country jaunt. David O. Russell (“Three Kings,” “I Heart Huckabees”) is credited as screenwriter and would most likely direct the indie. Still plenty of ifs and maybes here so consider this note a hopeful heads-up…

BATMAN STILL FLYING ABOUT: Speaking of hopeful, shooting locations for round three of the Dark Knight franchise are not yet finalized, contrary to some other reports I noticed on the net saying that Chicago was out. It seems likely Team Nolan’s filming locations will include Chicago, New Orleans and London but the script is not done just yet and cities will not be set until that precious lil’ screenplay is completed. I’ll keep you posted!

A BRIEF FLING WITH ANTHONY HOPKINS: “The Rite,” starring Anthony Hopkins, was in Chicago this month, passing through for a couple of days of shooting… for those of you keeping score at home…

NEWS FROM ELLEN AND TED: The shoot for Chicago screenwriting team Gary & Beth Hoover’s romantic comedy “The Ellen and Ted Show” has been moved to Spring 2011 to accommodate the schedules of attached principal cast to date, including Sandra Bernhard, William Miller, Michael Urie, Jeff Davis and Tracy Letts. Casting continues. I should have more for ya soon, and you can also go to this new site called “facebook” that seems to be moderately popular and become a fan of the production at

JAMIE AND JESSIE ARE WRAPPED: Writer-director Wendy Jo Carlton calls “Jamie and Jessie Are Not Together” “a cross between a lesbian buddy movie & a romantic comedy… Think ‘Show Me Love’ meets ‘Rachel at the Wedding,’ add two cute queer college girls, and stir.” The indie feature wrapped principal shooting in Chicago this month and now heads into the joys of post-production. Carlton previously directed the feature film, “Hannah Free,” starring Emmy-winner Sharon Gless, also filmed in Chicago. More about J & J at or

HOME STRETCH FOR “THE REMOVED” The full-length horror-suspense feature continues to work toward a release later this fall. Chicago Recording Company (CRC) teams, headed by sound supervisor Paul Rodgers, are busy handling sound design / music scapes and full 5.1 surround mixing for the film. “The Removed” follows a group of college kids caught up in a government conspiracy with disastrous results. Directed by west coaster David McElroy and produced by Timothy Christian, Scott Prestin and Marc Menet. More from CRC at, more on premiere dates for “The Removed” should be coming soon.

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