BABYMAKERS director Jay Chandrasekhar & producer Kevin Heffernan

Let’s make some babies! BABYMAKERS heads into theaters this weekend (would it in poor taste for us to say BABYMAKERS heads out this weekend? Probably) and director Jay Chandrasekhar (best known for his work with Broken Lizard on classic crowd-pleasers like SUPER TROOPERS and BEERFEST) and producer Kevin Heffernan wanted to chat with our Mike McNamara to give our people a little preview. These three gentlemen do not hold back in this interview... Dick jokes, more dick jokes and then an assortment of alternate taglines for the movie, including a couple that Mac thought up for the guys free of charge. And of course, Mac asks his favorite question: “How’d you get your money?” Better wear the headphones for this one...

Please note: this interview does contain profane language and some sexual humor.

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