I’ll spare you the mob hit and whacking references and simply inform you that Fox’s THE MOB DOCTOR has been canceled.

The slight silver lining is that the series will be finishing out its 13-episode order. Here is the schedule, according to several online reports: Following a regularly scheduled airing on Monday (Dec. 3), the show will go off the air for three weeks as FOX goes into holiday programming mode. The final four episodes of the series will air on Dec. 29 (a Saturday), Dec. 31 (New Year's Eve), Jan. 5 (another Saturday) and Monday, January 7. I’m sure the MOB DOCTOR series finale will fare very well against... college football's BCS championship game between Alabama and Notre Dame. Nobody will be watching that.

"The Mob Doctor" averages 4.45 million viewers and managed a less-than-stellar 1.3 rating among adults 18-49. Yes, it was one of the least-watched dramas on any of the big four networks this fall but frankly, if you have a mob show which would seem to cater to the male demographic and you place it up against MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL, it’s gonna be tough sledding for that show.

The other silver lining here is that Jennifer Beals is playing a call girl in these final episodes, for all of you CHICAGO CODE, L WORD and FLASHDANCE fans out there.

You can check out full episodes of THE MOB DOCTOR online at

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