Parker Posey Launches Filmmaker Focus

Screen Magazine is launching a new feature, “Filmmaker Focus with Mike McNamara” today. Appearing Fridays, “Filmmaker Focus” will feature Screen’s regular contributor McNamara with filmmakers and film professionals leading the indie scene. So let’s get to it!

After a historic reign as the “Indie Queen” in the '90s, Parker Posey makes her triumphant return with a tour-de-force performance in PRICE CHECK. Before heading into the World Premiere of her dark comedy at the Sundance Film Festival, Ms Posey stopped by to chat with SCREEN Magazine’s Mike McNamara. Parker and Mac talk about the trials and tribulations of working on a smaller budget film with an eighteen-day shoot schedule, Parker’s future as a director... and maybe some sparks between Mac and the “Indie Queen”???

Click on the player to enjoy this interview then click here for more about PRICE CHECK, which should be heading into theatres later this year... we’ll keep you posted, of course! Be sure to check back here for new episodes of FILMMAKER FOCUS WITH MIKE MCNAMARA on Fridays!

Photo credit: Wikipedia.