Home With The Hatterys

Here’s some recent new work for cable provider Cox Communications from Draftfcb.

Two new spots in the series they affectionately call “Home with the Hatterys” (what they consider to be the first 60-second sitcom series) titled, “I Called Them” and “Whole Home Partay”. The spots continue tracking the adventures of the Hattery family and their funny attempts to face life without -- and now with -- Cox services.

It all started off as a one-off to promote Cox’s “blazing-fast internet.”

All the executions feature the world’s greatest middle-aged dad, Paul Hattery, who started the series using the family’s frequent buffering time as bonding time with his mortified teenage son, Tyler. Since that first spot, new characters have been introduced into the ongoing storyline including Ashley, the girlfriend, Mrs. Hattery and Tyler’s younger sister.

Credits below:
Todd Tilford – Chief Creative Officer
Chuck Rudnick - EVP, Group Creative Director
Susan Betteridge - SVP, Creative Director
Ron Lazzeretti - Writer
Tim Mason – Writer
Sue Salvi - Writer
Mike Wegener – Senior Art Director
Erika Heine – Senior Copywriter
Berk Wasserman – VP, Creative Director
Todd Durston - VP, Creative Director
Cary Pierce – EVP, Group Management Director
Laura Dugan – Account Director
Snake Roth – Executive Producer
John Kenny - EVP, Group Director, Strategic Planning
Jay Rigler – SVP, Customer Intelligence Director
Production company: Company
Director: Fred Goss
Editorial: Inside Job, Draftfcb Chicago