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Call Sheet

CHICAGO FIRED UP: After calling for an extra episode last week, NBC has ordered yet another for everyone’s favorite freshman drama CHICAGO FIRE, bringing the season total to twenty-four. The good news for FIRE arrives on the tails of its ratings surge in January paired with the epic flop of the new NBC series DO NO HARM. And by “epic flop” I mean “the lowest in-season premiere rating for a series on the Big 4 broadcast networks in history,” according to’s Nellie Andreeva. Not good. But another show’s loss is CHICAGO FIRE’s gain, we’ll take it!

WINSLET TO DIVERGENT? She’s in then she’s out then she’s in but mad it was announced prematurely then she’s out and still mad anyway. It’s official now: She’s in. Academy Award winner Kate Winslet has joined Shailene Woodley (THE DESCENDANTS) and the cast of DIVERGENT, the $40 million blockbuster hopeful directed by Neil Burger (he shot THE LUCKY ONES in Chicago back in ‘07). Evan Daughtry penned the screenplay adaptation of the first offering in Veronica Roth’s trilogy. Filming begins in Chicago April 1st.

AND THEN THERE WERE FOUR… There is still one major role remaining in DIVERGENT, that of “Four,” Beatrice “Tris” Prior’s love interesting the movie. The frontrunner had been Alex Pettyfer, who was most recently seen living a clothing-free lifestyle in MAGIC MIKE, but apparently producers are still considering other candidates with names like Luke Kleintank and Lucas Till. Please don’t make me write about teen movies anymore.

LET’S REBUILD: Glass City Films is currently shooting their fourth feature CHRYSALIS in Northwest Indiana. The post-apocalyptic story follows Joshua (Cole Simon) and Penelope (Sara Gorsky), two survivors who have banded together in the hope of rescuing others and hopefully rebuilding civilization. Good luck with that. John Klein is in the director’s chair for this one, Caleb Thusat is producing. More from the good folks at Glass City here:

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