Five Questions With Screen: Tom Duff

Five Questions With Screen: Tom Duff

Tom Duff, president of Optimus, answers five (really six) of our questions for this week’s segment.

SCREEN: What's your favorite day of the week?
DUFF: Monday is my favorite. You get five full days to give to your company before you have to take a day off. All right, all right, just a joke....

SCREEN: Can you cook? If so, what is your go-to dish?
DUFF: Love making a great "gravy" as Italians call it, an all day fill the house with the aroma, preferably an NFL Sunday, test-tasting it all day long..... Or hell, BBQ ribs, nothing like 'em.

SCREEN: What's your favorite drink, alcoholic or otherwise?
DUFF: Love beer, of course, HARP would be the flavor there. But nothing beats an ice cold vodka lemonade on a hot, sunny day on the golf course.

SCREEN: What's your favorite place to spend: a weekend? a week? two weeks?
DUFF: We like warm, tropical, pool, ocean, relaxation, Caribbean style. And two weeks? Right, dream on.

SCREEN: What's your favorite gadget?
DUFF: Popeil pocket fisherman.

Bonus Question: SCREEN: What's your favorite American city? Foreign city?
DUFF: American city? Hawkeytown, hands down. Foreign? New York is a blast, always.