Chicago Filmmaker Alaska-bound

Chicago Filmmaker Alaska-bound

Chicago filmmaker Karen Weinberg and Ten Trees Productions are pleased to announce that their Chicago-based operation is headed to Alaska to shoot a feature length documentary this June and July. The working title of the film is KEEP TALKING: IMMERSION IN THE ALASKAN WILD.

The film will follow the events surrounding a language and culture immersion experience held by the Native Village of Afognak on their former homeland, the stunningly beautiful Afognak Island. The film crew will travel by plane, car, and boat to stay at this remote part of Alaska with members of the Native American Alutiiq (pronounced Alooq-tick) tribe. Kids, adults and Elders will strive to recreate the experience of Alutiiq life much as it was in days gone by, studying their native tongue and practicing old traditions.

The lodging on Afognak Island has no cell phone service, running water or electricity, which is hoped to help participants learn the language, dances and customs without the distractions of modern life. “We will all stay on the island and live somewhat as the Alutiiq people used to live, although the crew will be running equipment off of generators and extra batteries. We get to peek into an endangered culture and watch as they breathe new life into ancient traditions,” says Weinberg. Additional shooting before and after the camp will take place in Kodiak and Port Lions. There will be a follow-up shoot this winter to document the progress of the children and adult “learners,” to check back in with the Elders, and follow everyone’s progress.

The crew includes director/producer Karen Weinberg (Editor-ONE NIGHT STAND, C-ROCK, CERTAINTY), Associate Producer Kari Sherod (Alutiiq Langauge Program Manager), Cinematographer Nara Garber (FLAT DADDY, SURVIVE AND THRIVE, MAKING THE CROOKED STRAIGHT), and Sound Recordist Matthew Sutton.

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