Paul Sorvino Answers Five Questions

Paul Sorvino Answers Five Questions

The great actor Paul Sorvino was just in Chicago filming the indie feature PRECIOUS METTLE (here's our recent article about the film) of our questions in the latest installment of our popular regular feature…

SCREEN: What is your guilty pleasure TV?
SORVINO: Re-runs of X-Files and Star Trek.

SCREEN: Describe your perfect Sunday.
SORVINO: Tennis in the morning, New York Times Crossword Puzzle and reading the paper. Cooking at three. Have all my children and grandchildren at my house by five or five thirty.

SCREEN: What’s your favorite American City? Foreign City?
SORVINO: New York. Florence

SCREEN: You’ve worked with a lot of great directors, who is one that’s still on your list?
SORVINO: The one who’s got the next great script.

SCREEN: What music are you listening to this week?
SORVINO: What I have always listened to: opera, classical music and piano jazz.

SCREEN: Are there any roles you’d turned down you wished you hadn’t?
SORVINO: “Big Boy” in Dick Tracy. Which my friend, the great Al Pacino, earned an Academy Award nomination for.

More about Mr. Sorvino's latest feature PRECIOUS METTLE here or on facebook.