Cone feature shoots this week

Cone feature shoots this week

Stephen Cone is back in Chicago and back in the director's chair.

Filming is underway this week for Cone's latest feature, the microbudget relationship exploration SUPPORT. It's an ambitious project: bare bones budget, minimal cast and crew (which includes talented DP Stephanie Dufford and producer Shane Simmons)... and just six days of shooting.

In SUPPORT, a young seminary student (played by Stephen Cefalu, Jr.) seeking self-knowledge inadvertently finds himself attending a sex addiction support group. It is there that he meets Hilary (Nikki Pierce), an unhappy young mother taken to meeting strangers via Craigslist. Over the course of the afternoon, the two develop an affectionate yet complex relationship, helping each other wade through their mutual storm of love, sex, religion and the weight of the past. Inspired by characters in the Acting Studio Chicago CINEMA LAB short film of the same name, SUPPORT is a poignant, stimulating duet in the tradition of BRIEF ENCOUNTER, BEFORE SUNRISE and WEEKEND.

Cone's last feature film, the award-winning, critically-acclaimed THE WISE KIDS, which the Chicago Tribune’s Michael Phillips called “one of the best coming-of-age pictures in a long time”, has screened at more than 50 festivals worldwide, won 8 awards, including the Outfest Grand Jury Prizes for Outstanding US Feature and Outstanding Screenwriting, received rave reviews, including a New York Times Critics‘ Pick.

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