Bob Shallcross Answers Five Questions

Bob Shallcross Answers Five Questions

In our latest installment of Five Questions With SCREEN, Bob Shallcross, Chief Creative Officer at Moroch in Dallas, Texas sits down and offers some insight.

SCREEN: What are you looking forward to this fall?

SHALLCROSS: Hanging with our first Grandchild, his name is Major Everett Braun

SCREEN: What will you miss about summer?

SHALLCROSS: Being on the water

SCREEN: What are you listening to?

SHALLCROSS: Bassel and the SuperNaturals

SCREEN: What's your guilty pleasure tv?

SHALLCROSS: Buying Alaska

SCREEN: What's your favorite gadget?

SHALLCROSS: I can't remember what it's called, it's in my tackle box


SCREEN: What's your favorite place to spend: a weekend? a week? two weeks?

SHALLCROSS: The Northwoods