Joan O'Connor Answers Five Questions

Joan O'Connor Answers Five Questions

For the latest installment of our regular weekly column, Five Questions With SCREEN, Joan O'Connor, CSA, casting associate at O'Connor Casting, sits down to offer some tidbits.

SCREEN: Can you cook? If so, what are you making for Thanksgiving?

O'CONNOR: Sides only. I make a killer sweet potato dish. My cooking has become a dire situation so I’m going to Italy this month for a cooking school vacation.

SCREEN: What are you listening to?

O'CONNOR: Classic rock because my brother David just won a charity auction for me to be a guest DJ on the Drive so I've got to create a slammin' set list.

SCREEN: What's your guilty pleasure TV?

O'CONNOR: Double Divas. Those ladies solve the world's problems one bra at a time.

SCREEN: What's your favorite drink, alcoholic or otherwise?

O'CONNOR: Jack and Ginger. Perhaps that explains my outfit in this picture.

SCREEN: What's your best kept secret?

O'CONNOR: When I was 5 I went to the circus and the monkeys came out wearing the same exact outfit that I had on. Everyone started laughing at me. Even though I was traumatized, I returned the following year in a different outfit. Didn’t matter. It happened again. Mom "claims" she didn't plan it.