Nathalynne McGinnis Answers Five Questions

Nathalynne McGinnis Answers Five Questions

Today, Nathalynne McGinnis, senior producer at Burrell Communications answers our questions. She's the latest in our regular running feature FIVE QUESTIONS WITH SCREEN.

SCREEN:Can you cook? If so, what is your go-to dish?

MCGINNIS: Can I cook? I fashion myself as somewhat of a domestic goddess. My go to dish/meal would be a slow roasted pot roast with sauteed collard greens and smashed sweet poatoes.

SCREEN:What's your guilty pleasure TV?

MCGINNIS: It would have to be spending time with my girlfriends, I mean the Housewives of the OC, BH, ALT, MIA.

SCREEN:What's your favorite drink, alcoholic or otherwise?

MCGINNIS: Summer cocktail Moscow Mule or a nice New Zealand Sauvinogn Blanc. Pinot Noir, for winter warmth or a cup of tea.

SCREEN:If you could redesign the American Flag, what would you do?

MCGINNIS: I would not redesign it, but I'd add a pink ribbon breast cancer flag along side of for all of those who have left us.

SCREEN:What's your favorite gadget?

MCGINNIS: Call me gadget girl, used to be my iPad(the novelty died). Thinking about getting a Samsung Galaxy to challenge my brain.


SCREEN: Who are you missing right now?

MCGINNIS: Now and always, my mother, she passed away in 2003 of breast cancer.