MADISON Back In Midwest

MADISON Back In Midwest

MADISON BACK IN MIDWEST: Chicago native Kellie Madison (pictured left) returns to the Midwest for her directorial debut, THE TANK, set to begin filming in Columbus, OH April 21st. Six highly trained candidates step inside of the Isolated Confined Environment (aka the ICE SAT 5) in the middle of Antarctica, designed to simulate the lengthy trip to Mars, the next frontier. The door, shuts, locks and won’t open again for 467 days. The goal of the mission is to see how the human psyche functions in an extreme environment for an extended period of time. Friendships, families and wills are all put to the test as this well-meaning experiment goes terribly wrong. The great news for this isolation thriller is distribution rights for the film have already been picked up by Open Road films, the mega-power formed by the two largest U.S. theatrical exhibitors, AMC Theatres and Regal Entertainment Group. Much more to come, I’ll keep you posted!

DO YOU CARE? This spring, Chicago filmmaker Casey Puccini will begin production on his follow up to his first feature CHILDREN WITHOUT PARENTS. The new film, tentatively titled I DON’T CARE, places Puccini as a filmmaker who alienates himself and destroys his own production because of his own hubris. Puccini regulars Sasha Gioppo, Bryn Packard and Kevin Stangler take the brunt of his negativity, along with other Chicago filmmakers and artists in various roles. Filming starts up next week, you can follow Casey Puccini here.

HAVE YOU MET ELOISE? ELOISE is a psychological thriller about four people who break into an abandon asylum and reveal the secrets of its past…and themselves. Casting is currently underway, filming begins in Detroit May 5th and wraps June 7th. Director Robert Legato is teaming up with producers Sanford Nelson and Tripp Vinson (THE NUMBER 23, HANSEL AND GRETEL: WITCH HUNTERS) for this indie feature, more details coming soon…

UNDERWAY IN EVANSTON: Evanston native Moira McMahon Leeper brought her debut feature screenplay back home from the west coast and filming is currently underway in and around her near north suburban hometown. Taryn Manning (HUSTLE AND FLOW, ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK) and Madison Davenport (NOAH) head up this talented cast, click here to check out my recent writeup of McMahon Leeper and this project.

KICK THIS SEASON OFF RIGHT: A new Kickstarter campaign is being launched to help fund Season 2 of BLACK the Web Series, a high-action project similar to 24 and ACT OF VALOR. Written and directed by Frank T. Ziede, the series stars former US Navy SEAL Mikal Vega (TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION, GRIMM, TRANSFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON, G.I. JOE: RETALIATION). The project features military veterans and is known for its dedication to combat realism. This time around, BLACK has partnered up with 5.11 Tactical which is one of the worlds foremost gear providers for the military and first responders. The show is adding new cast members such as John T. Woods, Daniel Betances and many others. Watch all of season one at then support this kickstarter by clicking right here.

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