Director Jason Lindsey joins Seed Media Arts

Director Jason Lindsey joins Seed Media Arts

Director/Photographer, Jason Lindsey appreciates the beauty and interesting visual components of everyday lifestyles. His approach is to take the raw materials of familiar environments and dovetail them with the expressionistic nature of man.

Jason grew up in a small farm town of Northwest Illinois. As a child of factory workers, surrounded by "Salt of the Earth" people, he became fascinated by the authenticity and unpretentious nature of the people in that world. What’s more, he remains personally grounded in this Mid-western upbringing, making the experience of working with him a rare, down to earth pleasure.

Seed’s Owner/Executive Producer, Roy Skillicorn, immediately recognized Lindsey’s directorial talent as having a fresh new take on authenticity. Roy states, “Jason’s artistic portrayal of regular, working class folk captured within their milieu, is remarkably engaging. He catches normal everyday vignettes in a distinctly new way. Jason knows how to tease out and capture a person’s genuine nature, his focus on an actor’s believability being his goal. I believe this remarkable knack is founded in his years of studying nuance throughout his own humble and rustic surroundings.”

As an experienced photojournalist, Jason produces images with an eye for the real. As an advertising photographer, he knows how to craft narratives for brands. As a former art director, he understands the relationship between art and commerce. Lastly, as a director, Jason uses all these past experiences to tell honest, genuinely inviting, stories.

Seed’s Executive Producer, Tim Ward, describes Jason as “unpretentious and instinctively intuitive, a director who delivers unexpected and extraordinary images from inherently unremarkable situations."

Jason says of his own work, “I create the backdrop for stories, and then I provide the simple direction that allows that story to unfold, capturing real moments and emotions that pull viewers into the imagery. I’ll shoot in cold water up to my neck, swim with sharks, lay in the mud, in fact, I’ll do whatever it takes to capture an interesting piece of film, because that's what I often think it takes."

Lena Siemiesz, Seed Sales/ New Business Development Associate, is excited by what his work exemplifies: “a listening and patience that doesn’t just tell a story but allows it to emerge and unfold."

Lindsey has a way of drawing out the essence of a subject wordlessly. Seed is eager to connect him with opportunities that benefit from his penetrating insight and uncanny ability to heighten the ordinary into something sublime.

Jason has worked with a number of blue chip brands including: Adidas / / Belize Tourism / Buick / Bosch / Budweiser / Carhartt / Caterpillar / Centrum / Dominican Republic Tourism / Dow Chemical / Edward Jones / Illinois Tourism / INTEL / Jim Beam / Kellogg's / Michigan Tourism / Merck Pharmaceutical / Molson Coors / Novartis / Sears / Whirlpool / Backpacker / Condé Nast Traveler / Field and Stream / National Geographic Adventure / National Geographic Kids / Outdoor Life / Outside Magazine / Parents / Smithsonian Magazine.

He lives outside Chicago with his wife and child.