Checking in on Chicago Pilots

Checking in on Chicago Pilots

PILOT TO STUDIO CITY? The Nilsson Brothers, Mark and Ken, are at it again. This time around, they’ve teamed up with Joe Crededio from Chicago Studio City to produce THE CATCH, a 25 minute comedy being developed as a pilot and potential series that would film at Studio City. The story follows Eddie, a recently divorced infomercial producer who is trying his luck with online dating.

Mark Nilsson, of ABC 7's 190 North plays Eddie along side a talented cast of local Chicago Actors. Ken Nilsson, whose production company 321 Fast Draw was recently nominated for an Emmy for its work with ESPN Studios, directed the piece. THE CATCH was filmed at Chicago Studio City and on location in Elmwood Park. The pilot is currently in post production, more news coming up soon, I’ll keep you posted!

URBAN CAMELOT: Long time Chicago actor Phillip Edward Van Lear (CHICAGO CODE, BOSS, PRISON BREAK) is stepping behind the camera to develop the “urban tale of chivalry, crime and passion” KNIGHTS OF CHICAGO. Written by Van Lear and award-winning playwright and Artistic Director of MPAACT Theatre Company Shepsu Aaku, this series hopes to showcase the raw power of Chicago politics, crime, justice, and law enforcement.

Based on an actual Chicago Police Department Tactical Unit, KOC plans to dig deeper than its predecessors, (BOSS, CHICAGO CODE, E-Z STREETS, TURKS) in uncovering exactly how the city of Big Shoulders sustains itself. Using the hook of Arthurian Legend in a modern-day Camelot (Chicago), this promising series gives us the romanticized relationships of Arthur, Gwen, Lancelot, and Mordred, resurrected in the personas of Chicago Tactical Detectives. The remaining characters of this richly structured story range from a crooked Chicago Public School CEO, to a bombastic Mayor, and a tortured and hopelessly conflicted Cook County State’s Attorney. Sound familiar? More news soon on this one…

YOU DESERVE ACCESS: In a world where everyone and their grandmother wants a reality show about them, what if there were a television station where you actually could just walk in and have your own show? There has been all along! PUBLIC ACCESS! is a comedy about life at a television station where the strange and bizarre reach a whole new level, and the new station manager that has to balance it all. Chicago director and screenwriter Kevin Hanna is set to film his pilot script in Evanston this month, alongside producer John Xydis and cinematographer Terry Jun. Cast is chock full of Chicago talent, including Christopher Biewer, Mark Ursa, Josh Leigh and Jillian Weingart as the new station manager. I’ll have updates for you as this pilot moves forward!

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