Indie FOOD Heads to Champaign

Indie FOOD Heads to Champaign

There will be FOOD in Champaign. The independent feature FOOD is currently in pre-production, ramping up for a 23-day shoot in and around Champaign. FOOD is being directed by Daryl Wein, written by Wein and his lead actress Zoe Lister-Jones. Brett Hays of Champaign-based Shatterglass Studios is onboard as producer.

This set-up has worked well for Wein and Lister-Jones (who are partners in life as well as film) before, with Wein directing, Lister-Jones acting and the two co-writing. The 2012 indie LOLA VERSUS was filmed for Fox Searchlight and starred Lister-Jones alongside Greta Gerwig (whom you know from the Joe Swanberg film HANNAH TAKES THE STAIRS), Debra Winger and Bill Pullman.

The story follows a midwestern mother, played by Lister-Jones, who's son gets mysteriously sick. Interwoven are the stories of a powerful CEO struggling with his son's autism, an organic farmer fighting to save his farm, and two scientists on the brink of a major discovery all dealing with the new world of GMO products.

FOOD is currently set to start shooting on May 26th, I’ll keep you posted!

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