Steven Anderson New EP at Sarofsky

Steven Anderson New EP at Sarofsky

Sarofsky has added a new executive producer to the team: Steven Anderson, formerly senior producer at TRIS3CT and director of production at HY Connect.

President/Owner Erin Sarofsky says that Anderson brings a lot to the table.

“For a studio like this, it was really important to us that we had someone on our side that understands the inner workings of an agency,” she said. “That way, we gain more empathy for our clients and understand the process more holistically.”

Anderson’s experience, more than a decade on the agency side, was important, Sarofsky says. But it was also essential that he fit in.

“When we started looking for a new EP, the most significant thing to consider was company culture,” she says. “It’s very important to me how the company feels. Each individual person has to fit just so. We wanted someone who is positive, because for every job you win, there’s one you lose. You want someone that both leans towards the positive and doesn't back away from that flame.”

Anderson says that Erin Sarofsky was the first thing that drew him to the company.

“I think she’s unique in this industry where she’s funny, talented, honest, driven… All the things you want in a business owner,” Anderson says. “And Sarofsky as a company has an offering that’s unique in Chicago and even in the country.”

The shop meshes well with Anderson’s sense of his professional life, too.

“I’ve always thought of myself as a creative producer and the opportunity to make the transition to another aspect of the industry, utilizing my extensive experience in the agency world, was a natural progression,” he said. “Working with Erin and the talented people at Sarofsky was something I couldn’t pass up.”