Periscope Turns 1

Periscope Turns 1

Looking back at the first year of business, Periscope Post principals Michael Nehs and Jonathan Bross have seen a tremendous amount of change.

The duo founded Periscope to offer full service post and audio post aimed at television and film. Periscope started out in a 2000 square foot space the Cinespace lot. Next month they’ll begin construction on their new 12,000 square foot space in a nearby location on the lot.

The new space will have plenty of room for the growing company, with a Dolby dubbing stage. Nehs says he’s currently discussing making the stage to the standard of Dolby Atmos. There will be two ADR rooms, a voiceover room, a quality control room and six main edit suites with 10 assistants and three color bays.

Nehs has been in Chicago for nearly two decades. He left production to focus on post and when he asked television producers what they were missing in Chicago, they said, full service post.

“We do some commercial work, but not a lot, that is very well handled in Chicago,” Nehs says. “Television producers, though, needed a full service post facility that can do more than a bit of ADR.”

So Periscope was created to offer ADR, color, full editing, dailies, and everything through delivery for any television or film production that comes through town.

“Currently most of our work is television,” Nehs says. “We started August 26 (2013) and picked up all but two TV shows shooting here for ADR. I work very closely with 20th Century Fox, Warner Brothers, NBC Universal and FOX Television Studios.”

Nehs thinks that Periscope is poised for growth, in part because of the capabilities of the new space and the advantages of the state’s tax credit program.

“I continue to communicate with people in LA and New York, people that are considering coming to Chicago,” he says. “This has been a good stepping stone and if they can do everything here, they can take advantage of the tax credits.”

Today, besides their regular stable of freelancers, Periscope has six on staff and when their new space is finished, Nehs anticipates more growth.

“We’ll have the ability to handle six or seven projects simultaneously,” he says. “And we expect that we’re going to need that ability.”

Pictured above from left to right: Adam Slutsky (Supervising Colorist), Jonathan Bross, Carlos Villalobos Jr. (Head Engineer), Michael Nehs