HOGTOWN Debuts at Black Harvest Film Festival

The Black Harvest Film Festival is underway and coming up tonight and Monday is Daniel Nearing’s new film HOGTOWN, the second in a trilogy begun by 2010 BHFF hit CHICAGO HEIGHTS. The story begins in Chicago in the winter of 1919 and initially centers on a police manhunt for a missing millionaire. By adventurously marrying a postmodern sensibility with the classic American naturalism of Ernest Hemingway and Sherwood Anderson (both of whom are characters in the huge cast), HOGTOWN expands into a multilayered, multicultural tapestry of a city and a century. Though made on a miniscule budget, HOGTOWN is epic in its scope and ravishingly photographed (mostly in luminous black-and-white), designed, and scored.

HOGTOWN screens at the Siskel Film Center Friday, Aug 22nd at 8:00pm and Monday, Aug 25th at 8:15pm. Director Daniel Nearing, actor Herman Wilkins, and selected cast and crew members will be present for audience discussion at both screenings.

Click the player above to view the trailer then click here to purchase your tickets!