David Axelbaum Answers Five Questions

David Axelbaum Answers Five Questions

In the latest installment of our regular running feature, David Axelbaum, owner of Chicago's Airstream Audio, answers Five Questions With SCREEN.

SCREEN: What's your most-played iPod track?

AXELBAUM: Todd Rundgren's "Love is the Answer"

SCREEN: Describe your perfect Sunday?

AXELBAUM: Sleep in, then wrestle with my kids, then go to the beach with family.

SCREEN: What's your best kept secret?

AXELBAUM: I am running up and down the back steps of the tribune building to train for a hike in Yosemite.

SCREEN: Can you cook? If so, what is your go-to dish?

AXELBAUM: Fish on the grill, with salad from my garden.

SCREEN: What's the last movie you saw in a theater?

AXELBAUM: “The Fault in our Stars”…I have a teenage daughter..