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The Call Sheet

EMBER IN THE RAFTERS: Sundance Screenwriters Lab Fellow Charles Spano and director Claire Carré will be heading to Gary, Indiana this April to film their science fiction feature EMBERS. Why Gary? Simply put, Spano explains, “The locations we found there when we scouted were fantastic.” The vast majority of the film will be shot in Gary, with some additional filming in upstate New York. According to Spano, “EMBERS is a science fiction film about memory and forgetting.” Spano and Carre are currently accepting cast and crew submissions, send your materials to

COUNT TO 48: The Michigan Film Office announced today that the feature film NORTHERN 48 has been approved for a film incentive from the state. The project, set in Michigan, is scheduled to film in Pointe Aux Barques and metro Detroit this spring. Northern 48 was approved for an incentive of $3.9 million on $14,859,813 of projected in-state expenditures. The project is expected to hire 149 Michigan workers with a full time equivalent of 99 jobs. NORTHERN 48 begins in the middle of a horrific storm off Lake Huron, with the police questioning the only survivor of what looks like a business deal gone horribly bad. The survivor tells a tale that leads from Detroit to a U.S. customs warehouse heist of art antiquities to a legendary border militia group and a billion dollar casino deal. The NORTHERN 48 team includes writer/director Darren Campbell with Michigan native Christos Moisides and Matthew Rhodes producing. “Northern 48 was written to be made in Michigan,” said Moisides. “It has been a passion project of Darren and mine to get Northern 48 produced and shot in my hometown with the large Michigan-based crew I have worked with for years. This is not only a great stylized heist film with dynamic roles and plot-twisting storytelling; it also showcases the cultural diversity in the Detroit area as well as the diversity of locations in Michigan.” More info soon, I’ll keep you posted!

DIGGING INTO DEREK: Chicagoan Nick Cavalier will be heading to Cleveland next week to begin filming his feature-length documentary FORCED PERSPECTIVE. This production began as a short film of the same title (give it a look here!), focusing on the life and work of Cleveland artist Derek Hess. The feature will delve more deeply into Derek's history, his art, and struggles, Cleveland history, culture, music scene, as well as interviewing fans, bands, and many other key players in his art. Cavalier and his team, which includes DP Sergio Salgado and popular Chicago singer-songwriter Matthew Santos on the music side, goes into production February 24th through the end of April and expect to have a finished piece by the end of August. More about this production here and more about the artist Derek Hess here.

EMBODIES PREMIERES AT BIG SKY: Congratulations to our friend at Kartemquin Hillary Bachelder on her successful premiere at the Big Sky Documentary Festival in Missoula this week! More about this insightful documentary here. Cheers!

SIN BIN OUT ON DVD: If you missed the Chicago Premiere at First Tuesdays with the Midwest Independent Film Festival on February 4th, you can now enjoy ADVENTURES IN THE SIN BIN on DVD... click here to purchase your DVD, enjoy (and support!) this all-Chicago comedy from Federighi Films!

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