BATMAN V. SUPERMAN Descends on Detroit

BATMAN V. SUPERMAN Descends on Detroit

The Michigan Film Office reports the highly anticipated BATMAN V. SUPERMAN blockbuster will begin shooting in Michigan next month. The MAN OF STEEL sequel will have a Michigan budget of $131 million – out of a total estimated budget of $250 million - making it the largest production shot in Michigan to date, a title previously held by OZ: THE GREAT AND POWERFUL.

While Detroit is buzzing over the arrival of this blockbuster, the rest of the movie-loving, comic-book-geeking public is buzzing over the casting for this one. Henry Cavill will return as Superman, Amy Adams is back as Lois Lane but there will be yet another Batman, as Christian Bale had announced earlier this year that he will not be reprising the role. Enter Ben Affleck as the latest leading man to take on the caped crusader. Meanwhile, the comic book community seems to be a bit surprised by the decision to fill the bulletproof bracelets of Wonder Woman with Israeli actress Gal Gadot, a top fashion model who won Miss Israel in 2004 and was recently named “Person of the Year in Entertainment” by the Jerusalem Post.

But wait there's more... Denzel Washington as Lex Luthor? Rumors had been swirling a week or two ago but now it looks like Mr. Washington might be much more likely to surface as Green Lantern. And if Denzel isn't up for wearing the green ring, it might be Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. And now BREAKING BAD's Bryan Cranston might wind up as Luthor... I'll keep you posted as everything shakes out.

One thing is certain and that is Zack Snyder is back as director. And that BATMAN V. SUPERMAN will be shooting throughout Michigan, including Michigan Motion Pictures Studio in Pontiac. The production is expected to bring in around $5 million in much needed revenue and add about 6,000 jobs to the economy of Detroit.

And you can mark your calendars early... BATMAN V. SUPERMAN will be in theaters on July 17, 2015.

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