Well, you can cross JUPITER ASCENDING off your "Movies I Absolutely Positively Have to See This Summer" list.

Warner Bros. has delayed the Wachowskis' sci-fi spectacle from a long-scheduled July 18 release to February 6, 2015. Though an "official" explanation has not be given by the studio, multiple online sources have suggested the reason is simply that more time is needed to complete visual effects work on their CG-heavy space odyssey.

Starring Channing Tatum as a "half-wolf, half-albino warrior" and Mila Kunis as a janitor whose perfect genetic makeup threatens the reign of the Queen of the Universe, the story kicks into gear when the Queen attempts to have her assassinated.

Here's the official synopsis: From the streets of Chicago to the far-flung galaxies whirling through space, this film tells the story of Jupiter Jones (played by Mila Kunis), who was born under a night sky, with signs predicting she was destined for great things. Now grown, Jupiter dreams of the stars but wakes up to the cold reality of a job cleaning other people's houses and an endless run of bad breaks. Only when Caine (played by Channing Tatum), a genetically engineered ex-military hunter, arrives on Earth to track her down does Jupiter begin to glimpse the fate that has been waiting for her all along-her genetic signature marks her as next in line for an extraordinary inheritance that could alter the balance of the cosmos.

In the meantime, you can check out the trailer for the Wachowskis' JUPITER ASCENDING in our TRAILER PARK. We'll keep you posted with any additional updates on this one.

Mike McNamara is the Co-Founder of The Midwest Independent Film Festival, www.midwestfilm.org. Mike pays his rent as an actor in Chicago in theatre, commercials, television and film. More from Mac at www.findmac.com.