DIVERGENT sequel to Atlanta?

DIVERGENT sequel to Atlanta?

The sequel to the Chicago-shot DIVERGENT is in the works but it's likely not going to shoot in the city. At least not entirely.

News is circulating that the planned sequel in the franchise, INSURGENT, is planning to shoot the majority in Atlanta, though it's possible some scenes will be shot in Chicago, just not the three months they spent last year.

Chicago Film Office Director Rich Moskal was quoted in the Chicago Tribune noting that the state offers a more generous tax incentive. “The State of Georgia film incentive gives producers credit for out-of-state expenditures, like actors and producers that come from Los Angeles...As a result, those productions receive an even greater amount of money back. The Illinois incentive is very competitive, but only covers local expenditures (hiring local crew, talent, equipment rentals, etc).

“The Illinois incentive was designed for good reason: to maximize the utilization of local businesses, performers and crew. But true enough, it’s not the biggest incentive out there. Lionsgate also shot ‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’ in Atlanta. They’re very familiar with the location and the benefits of Georgia’s film incentive. Many factors played into their decision, but ultimately, they felt Atlanta was a good fit for the sequel.”

DIVERGENT is based on a young adult series written by Chicagoan Veronica Roth and stars Shailene Woodley and Theo James in a dystopian vision of the city. The movie will be released in theaters March 21. You can watch the trailer here.