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ILLINOIS SUNDANCE ALUM DESERVES A KICKSTART: Alton, IL native Brian Jun burst onto the indie film scene with his Sundance darling and Independent Spirit Award nominated film STEEL CITY. Brian is now gearing up for his fifth feature, to be filmed in Illinois and Missouri, currently titled IN THE BUCK. According to Jun, the feature is "a provocative story about sex, love and fertility." And on a very positive note, Jun has confirmed that Raymond J. Berry (the recipient of that Independent Spirit nomination for STEEL CITY) is confirmed for the film. All Brian needs now is to hit that Kickstarter goal. He has six days left. Let's help him get there by clicking here and supporting this Midwest production.

READY TO FORGIVE: Filmed in Kenosha, WI and northern Illinois, the feature GOD FORGIVE US is currently in post production. Written and directed by Michael Bachochin, the film follows four strangers as they embark on an emotional journey through turbulent and trying tragedies that test their physical livelihood and mental endurance, pushing them far beyond the comforts of their self-seeking and self-destructive behaviors. GOD FORGIVE US is expected to be finished sometime in early July, with a limited four wall distribution tour to begin in early August to generate some buzz for the 2015 festival circuit. Production team includes DP Camrin Petramale, producer Kyle Downs and sound designer extraordinaire Johnny Marshall, who took home a Special Jury Prize at lest year's Sundance Film Festival for his work on Shane Carruth's UPSTREAM COLOR. Full cast and crew here.

FOR COCKUPS ONLY Mobilewave Films announces production has wrapped for the micro-budget musical feature film THE COCKUPS. Director Gerard Jamroz chronicles the story of a washed up indie band (their name The Cockups is a British slang term for screwups) that comes together to shoot a music video and confront their past. The film has been shooting in Chicago for the last several months. Follow the film here.

FOR ALL THINGS DOCUMENTARY FILMMAKING: I'm turning it over to SCREEN's new doc correspondent Katie Prentiss and her column Loading Doc, which launched last week. Here's the debut article!

KRIS SWANBERG FEATURES RELEASED! Kris Swanberg's feature film work is now available on Vimeo for your viewing pleasure. Her first feature IT WAS GREAT BUT I WAS READY TO COME HOME (which she also co-produced with her husband Joe) premiered at SXSW in 2009 and you can now finally enjoy it by clicking here. Her second feature EMPIRE BUILDER bowed at the Chicago International Film Festival in 2012 and is waiting for you right here. Viewing price for each film: a whopping $2.99. So you're out of excuses. When's the last time you could support and independent filmmaker with a mere $2.99? Click it, buy it, view it. Or we're not friends anymore.

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