MOONTRAP Lands in Michigan

MOONTRAP Lands in Michigan

We can shoot Michigan for New York, Michigan for LA, why not Michigan for... the moon?

The Michigan Film Office has approved MOONTRAP: TARGET EARTH for incentives from the state.

The project will film on location in Troy, Detroit and the metro-Detroit area as well as utilize post-production and special effects services in Michigan. The project was awarded an incentive of $192,347 on $607,721 of projected in-state expenditures and is expected to hire 57 Michigan workers.

In MOONTRAP: PLANET EARTH, a 14,000 year old spacecraft is discovered at an excavation site. Created by a previously unknown human civilization, it becomes re-activated, taking the film’s heroes to the moon to encounter robotic intelligence standing guard over ancient secrets.

This production begins just as the original MOONTRAP - which starred Bruce Campbell of EVIL DEAD frame - celebrates its 25th anniversary and upcoming BluRay release (you're lucky if you can find a VHS tape of the flick at this point). More about the original MOONTRAP here.

Back to 2014... The production team for this new MOONTRAP movie has set an ambitious goal for this endeavor. "The lunar landscapes of the new film will be the most authentic yet seen on screen," they announced on their facebook page. Quite a claim but a quick trip to the film's facebook page reveals how passionate these filmmakers are about this endeavor. They'll be teaming up with several of the designers of the original MOONTRAP production team, including special effects master Gary Jones.

Casting and pre-production are currently underway, I will keep you posted as cast and crew announcements begin to surface!

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