Cliff Grant Answers Five Questions

Cliff Grant Answers Five Questions

For the latest installment of our regular running feature, Cliff Grant, Executive Producer at STORY stopped by to answer Five Questions With SCREEN.

SCREEN: Can you cook? If so, what is your go-to dish?

GRANT: I love cooking, my wife's a Flight Attendant and we have 4 children so when she's out of town someones got to make dinner. Steak Tacos

SCREEN: What's your guilty pleasure TV?

GRANT: Just finished watching every season of "Breaking Bad", now watching "True Detective". Then I'm off to rehab.

SCREEN: Describe your perfect Sunday.

GRANT: Breakfast, throw a couple of slabs of ribs on the smoker, read the Sunday paper, 10AM Mass, workout, start a project around the house. Dinner with my wife, kids, mother, brother and my father-in-law.

SCREEN: Cubs or Sox?

GRANT: CUBS! Grew up going to Cubs games in the 60's, used to sit in the bleachers with my buddies and Bill Veeck, at the time he owned the White Sox. He loved Wrigley Field.

SCREEN: Tell us about your last trip to Vegas.

Stayed at the Mirage on our way to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, had a great time. My boys really wanted to check out the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop, to meet Corey, Rick, Old Man and Chumlee. Stopped by there 3 times and never saw any of them, big disappointment. Had a spectacular time on the North Rim.


SCREEN: What's your favorite place to spend: a weekend? a week? two weeks?

GRANT: House in Galena, Ireland, Europe. We usually fly on my wife's passes.