CHICAGO FIRE's Charlie Barnett Answers Five Questions

CHICAGO FIRE's Charlie Barnett Answers Five Questions

Charlie Barnett, better known as Peter Mills on NBC's CHICAGO FIRE, took some time off to answer Five Questions With SCREEN while prepping for the short film IT'S NOT AS IF... (WOMEN FALL FROM THE SKY), which Charlie will star in as well as executive produce. Read about that project here and become an executive producer yourself by supporting it on Kickstarter here.

SCREEN: What's your favorite day of the week and why?

BARNETT: Sundays..... Although Monday is close behind, I feel like it's a day built on relaxation.... I take full advantage of anything centered around that!

SCREEN: Tell us about this film you're shooting here in Chicago this summer? What attracted you to the project?

BARNETT: I'm working on an amazing project called "It's Not As If... (Women Fall from the Sky)" It's about a man's journey of loss and his search for true self fulfillment. The audience is taken on his path through the past along with a friend and many onlookers aboard an elevator. It pushes the boundaries of reality, and it still succeeds in finding the base truths we all can relate to. I was initially drawn to the project because of its creators and writers. I've been drawn to their work as artists and as coworkers on CHICAGO FIRE and CHICAGO PD. As for the piece itself, I think the character "Dave" captured my attention immediately; he is our lead's best friend and a man who sees life as his oyster, waiting to be de-pearled. He is definitely a person comfortable with his confidence, a bit overzealous, but he sees it as our lead's key to fulfillment. I am always attracted to characters that come off as foils, and thus working on it to find their truth, backbone, and layers. Plus he's different from Peter Mills, which is always fun to explore.

SCREEN: Can you cook? If so, what is your go-to dish?

BARNETT: Yes, I love cooking and doing dishes strangely. Haha. I find it cathartic. My go to..... I know it super simple but I love it.... homemade miso soup! It's something you can add all these awesome additions too.

SCREEN: Have the writers given you any hints about what's happening to Peter Mills in Season Three of CHICAGO FIRE?

BARNETT: Not a bit, but I like to keep it that way. I get to be surprised as well.

SCREEN: Describe your perfect Sunday.

BARNETT: Couch, loved ones, order in, movies/Netflix, massage in there somewhere, talk to myself about working out... And then don't, but hope that through mind osmosis my body feels the calorie burn....


SCREEN: Cubs or Sox?

BARNETT: Sox, all the way! Growing up they had spring training in my home town.

Charlie's upcoming film IT'S NOT AS IF... (WOMEN FALL FROM THE SKY) is set to film in Chicago this June. Please be sure to support their Kickstarter today!