Fans Attempt To Resurrect DALLAS

Fans Attempt To Resurrect DALLAS

DALLAS GETS THE AXE – FANS TRY TO RESURRECT THE SERIES: The iconic television series DALLAS has unfortunately been cancelled, and the fans are NOT handling it well! When the announcement was made last month, fans took to twitter to show their disappointment. They created a “Save Dallas” twitter campaign and even started an online petition to resuscitate the Texas series.

As of this week, the petition has over 83,000 signatures and was climbing. DALLAS was remade and brought back in 2012 and had 2 successful seasons on TNT. However, this last season had tepid ratings and the network decided not to renew DALLAS for a fourth season. The stars of the show are not taking the cancellation very well either and are getting in on the campaign. Patrick Duffy (who plays Bobby Ewing), Mitch Peleggi (Harris Ryland on the show) and Brenda Strong (Ann Ewing) have all tweeted to fans to spread the word of the “Save Dallas” campaign. We will keep you posted on whether or not the fans can save the Texas series.

MCCONAUGHEY’S NEW LINCOLN ADS: I’m sure you have all seen the new Lincoln MKC ad campaign featuring Austin’s own Matthew McConaughey. The spots are directed by Nicholas Winding Refn, the Danish director of the 2011 film DRIVE, starring Ryan Gosling. They feature McConaughey driving the Lincoln MKC all around the streets of Texas, while a gravelly voiceover quietly plays. The spots are certainly getting a lot of recent attention. They have even been the source of many spoofs, from Ellen DeGeneres to South Park, and now most recently SNL.

What you may not have noticed is that they are shot on the lovely city streets of Austin, TX as well as parts of Marfa and west Texas. The five TV spots are the first in a 2-year ad campaign that the Ford Motor Company has penned with the iconic Texan actor, whose film debut was in DAZED AND CONFUSED, shot here in Austin a little over 20 years ago. And it seems that the campaign is working for the car company. Lincoln has reported a surge in sales up 25 percent due to the ads. They have especially noticed an increase in younger buyers, especially females, who may be fans of the actor’s um…work.

Alright, alright, alright so get ready to hear more of that recognizable drawl and see more of the lovely Texas landscapes for the next couple years!

TX HIGHLIGHTS OF THE 21st ANNUAL AUSTIN FILM FESTIVAL: While the quantity of TX films seemed to be lacking more at this year’s AFF than in previous years, the quality of the TX-made films did not disappoint. The 21st Annual Austin Film Festival screened the following films with TX connection: FLUTTER: Filmed in Bastrop and Austin TX, this film about a single mother raising her vision-impaired child as best she can, given the circumstances she has been dealt, won the Audience Award in the Texas Independents category. The crew and most cast members are all Texas-based. The filmmakers and performers are an outstanding example of the Texas talent pool and production community in the state.

21 YEARS: The TX made documentary on local director Richard Linklater had its World Premier at the festival. The doc was comprised of interviews of several well-known actors and directors that have worked with Linklater over the first 21 years of his career. Created by a Texas crew, 21 YEARS was made to serve as a love letter to the director who lives in and often films his projects in Texas. SKUNK: This short that won the top honor, the Cinefondation prize at Cannes also took home the Jury Award for Best Short at this year’s AFF. The film was made by UT grad students (dir. Annie Silverstein and prod. Monique Walton) and a cast and crew of local Texans. The short is about 14 year old Leila who’s beloved pit bull (and innocence) gets stolen by a neighborhood dogfighter.

AMERICAN CRIME: Festival Goers were treated to a special advanced screening of AMERICAN CRIME, the John Ridley-scribed, new ABC pilot that is currently shooting in Austin. Ridley and his producers were on hand to answer questions after the screening and mentioned how great Texas has been to the production and how happy he is to be filming the TV series in Austin with talented local crews and talent. The dark and gritty crime drama will premiere on ABC in 2015.

THE SIDEWAYS LIGHT – Shot in Bastrop, with a mostly all Texan crew and cast, The SIDEWAYS LIGHT is a thriller that tells the story of a woman Lily (Lindsay Burge) who has to take full time care of her elderly mother as she starts to slip into early-onset dementia. However, Lily comes to find out that maybe there is more to the old creepy house and her mother’s imaginary friends than she thought.

CRAZY CARL AND HIS MAN BOOBS/SPOKE: CRAZY CARL is the documentary of one of Austin’s street performers who regularly entertains passersby on 6th Street by spinning flowers on his head, dancing, and flashing his bikini-clad body. Crazy Carl is one of the local Austinites who inspires the Keep Austin Weird slogan. In telling Carl’s life story of living in the ever-expanding city of Austin, the doc also manages to give a history lesson on Austin from the 70’s to what it is today. Also screening with CRAZY CARL was SPOKE, a mini-documentary about The Broken Spoke, one of Austin’s oldest and most famous honky-tonks. The owners of The Broken Spoke, dance hall patrons, and the local musicians that regularly play there were featured.

FOUND FOOTAGE 3D INDIEGOGO CAMPAIGN GETS NATIONAL ATTENTION: The TX-made film FOUND FOOTAGE 3D by writer/director Steven DeGennaro and producer Kim Henkel (write/producer, THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE), which was filmed this past summer in the Gonzales, TX area has an Indiegogo campaign) that shouldn’t be missed. The campaign is to raise some money for some highly technical post FX. Richard Whittaker from the Austin Chronicle even said that the pitch video was one of the most entertaining crowdfunding pitch videos he’s ever seen. The creative crowdfunding video has even been featured on the Huffington Post and the Hollywood Reporter. For you horror fans, there are even some great perks for contributing, including TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE merchandise signed by Kim Henkel himself. To check out the the Indiegogo campaign and contribute go here. There are just 5 days left, so hurry.

Brad Burton, CSA and Kimberly Williams-Burton, CSA are the owners and Casting Directors behind Burton Casting, Burton Casting is located in Austin, Texas but cast commercials, films, industrials and print projects throughout the entire state.