Susan Sarandon Joins RADICAL GRACE Doc

Susan Sarandon Joins RADICAL GRACE Doc

With its world premiere at the prestigious HotDocs festival coming up this week in that country to the north, the Chicago-made documentary RADICAL GRACE received some amazing news. Academy Award winner Susan Sarandon has signed on as an Executive Producer for the film.

In an exclusive announcement from Variety, the new EP, who was raised Catholic, explained that she felt "a deep connection to the women featured in RADICAL GRACE. This film will hopefully build a movement toward a more inclusive and just church, and world.”

"We are honored to have Susan Sarandon join the project. Her commitment to social justice and equality, as well as her deep affinity with Catholic sisters makes her an ideal addition to the Radical Grace team," said director Rebecca Parrish, whose production team includes Chicago-based Danny Alpert of Kindling Group and producer Nicole Bernardi-Reis.

RADICAL GRACE follows three American nuns who live by a gospel of love, justice and inclusion as they challenge the Catholic Church’s hierarchy and transform politics. Sister Simone runs a nuns' lobby group that defends the Affordable Care Act. Sister Jean is committed to re-integrating ex-convicts into society. And Sister Chris promotes equality between women and men of the cloth. When the Vatican launches an investigation into the US nuns’ "radical feminist beliefs," they refuse to be silenced. But the sisters are torn between their religious beliefs, their belonging to the Sisterhood and their community activism. Will they continue to serve the faith, regardless of what the Church thinks?

"We are excited about the awareness that Susan Sarandon's involvement brings to the film and the amazing work that American nuns do everyday for this country's most vulnerable people," Bernardi-Reis added.

For more about RADICAL GRACE, you can check out the trailer in SCREEN's TRAILER PARK or visit And if you're heading to Toronto this week for HotDocs, here is where you can buy tickets for the world premiere.

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