Director Larry Ziegelman joins Seed Media Arts

Director Larry Ziegelman joins Seed Media Arts

Seed Media Arts has expanded its humor roster with the addition of comedic director, Larry Ziegelman. He and Seed’s Owner and Executive Producer, Roy Skillicorn, have been friends for years and Skillicorn encouraged his interest in directing throughout their relationship.

“Directors like Ziegelman, who can create outstanding works of humor are rare," said Skillicorn. "Mr. Z’s latest ad campaign for Funyuns is not only spectacular in its directing, casting and comedic timing but is compelling proof of his sensibilities and his capability to capture what's funny. We at Seed are eager to connect him with projects that benefit from his ability to not only entertain, but memorably communicate a brand's message in a unique and comedic way.”

Ziegelman began as an award winning ad agency creative and collaborated with some of the world’s best commercial directors. When he realized his own ability to direct narrative and humor films, he struck out on his own. His first commercial won him a Silver Hugo award for directing. The Funyuns’ campaign, consisting of a hilarious short film and five spots, recently featured on, rounds out his strong humor-dialogue reel. His first short film, CHECK PLEASE, screened at numerous prestigious film festivals around the world. Several more recent short films YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE, FITTING, BOOM BOOM, and LITTLE MAN OF STEEL have been screening and winning awards across the country.

“Mr. Z has a fresh new take on funny with an indescribable authenticity, and his work resonates with younger and older people alike,” says Jessica Rae Skillicorn, Seed’s Head of Sales. “His work presents a ‘laugh out loud’ humor that pushes boundaries relying on subtlety, timing and raw honesty."

“When I have a good idea, I usually let my subconscious work on it for a while," Ziegelman says. "By the time I actually start writing it, I’ll have the majority of the storyline thought out…From there it’s just ‘how can this be funnier, more interesting, more surprising?’”

Ziegelman was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, went to Washington University and received his BFA in Graphic Communications with an emphasis in Art Direction.