John Michaels Answers Five Questions

John Michaels Answers Five Questions

In the latest installment of our regular running feature John Michaels, founder and principal at Protokulture answers Five Questions With SCREEN.

SCREEN: What's your favorite day of the week? Why?

MICHAELS: I enjoy all days equally. After all, time is fluid. Breaking them into grids seems unnatural.

SCREEN: Can you cook? If so, what's your go-to dish?

MICHAELS: Yeah yeah, but I often improvise. I’ll knock out some killer bbq chicken nachos in a pinch.

SCREEN: What's your most-played iPod track?

MICHAELS: That’s a tricky one. By default, my morning alarm has been set to Phosphorescent’s “Song for Zula" for the past year. I dare you to wake up to it.

SCREEN: What's your guilty pleasure TV?

MICHAELS: Black Mirror on Nexflix has been very satisfying recently. Not that I feel guilty it about it.

SCREEN: Describe your perfect Sunday?

MICHAELS: I am flying my heavily damaged spacecraft towards the surface of the sun while being pursued by thousands of attack vessels from the enemy fleet. My plan is to fool them into being trapped by the sun’s gravitational field. If they fall for it, not only will they be destroyed, but our planet will be saved as a result of their annihilation. Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata can be heard echoing through the cockpit as I firmly grasp the vibrating controls. The ship begins to tear apart in slow motion while the brightness of the star consumes the craft. Then I wake up and enjoy a latte.