Ben Keller Answers Five Questions

Ben Keller Answers Five Questions

In the latest installment of our regular running feature, Ben Keller, sound designer/mixer/partner at SUM1 in Chicago, answers Five Questions with SCREEN.

SCREEN: Can you cook? If so, what's your go-to dish?

KELLER: Yes, I cook most days and try to do one ambitious meal a week. No go-to dish, but lately I've been into deep fat frying. It's scary as hell but delicious.

SCREEN: What's your most-played iPod track?

KELLER: Tough question for a sound guy. I've been cranking (the late) Townes Van Zandt's album Texas Rain at the studio lately. If you're not familiar with this guy, don't admit it, just make it happen.

SCREEN: What's your guilty pleasure TV?

KELLER: THE WOODWRIGHT'S SHOP on public tv. A really impractical show where this goofball Roy works wood using all these onerous human-powered contraptions from "thee olde tyme". Absurdly fascinating yet relaxing.

SCREEN: What's your favorite drink, alcoholic or otherwise?

KELLER: The pulpiest orange juice possible. Once, Cap'n Crunch cereal came out with "Oops, All Crunch Berries" cereal. My buddy and I want to come out with "Oops All Pulp" orange juice.

SCREEN: What are you doing in 2015?

KELLER: Finishing the new audio room at SUM1, eat, drink and mix!