Melissa Taylor New Abelson EP

Melissa Taylor New Abelson EP

AbelsonTaylor has hired Melissa Taylor as the agency's new executive producer, overseeing the production of the agency’s videos and commercials as well as interfacing with the creative team and outside vendors. Melissa reports to Mitch Apley, Senior Director of Broadcast/Print Production.

“Melissa worked with the agency as a contract senior producer prior to joining us full time,” said Apley. “She’s an invaluable member of our team and has lent her production expertise on several brands.”

Before joining AbelsonTaylor, Melissa was Executive Producer at Resolution Digital Studios (RDS) and oversaw productions involving celebrities like Snoop Dogg, Patrick Swayze, Michael Keaton, and Ellen Degeneres. Before that she was a partner at another production company called Rivet Media. She has also collaborated with filmmakers and television producers to create independent films and several TV show pilots.

“Working in a health and wellness agency is definitely different,” noted Taylor. “I am learning about products that truly help improve people’s lives, and that’s very satisfying.”

According to Taylor, developing commercials for healthcare is also very different because it’s such a regulated environment. Being creative takes a whole new meaning when working in the health and wellness space.

One project that Taylor is working on is using motion tracking and compositing technology to demonstrate a specific skin condition. “We used reflective trackers to represent the condition, which will then be inserted in post-production,” she said. “While we’re not applying significant visual effects into the commercial, it’s great to be able to provide this kind of flexibility to our clients.”

Taylor is excited in her new role. “The agency has a great collection of people who are collaborative, pleasant, and good to work with. I truly believe that together, we can create content that will have a positive effect on people’s lives."