Juan Camillo Moore Answers Five Questions

Juan Camillo Moore Answers Five Questions

In the latest installment of our regular running feature Juan Camillo Moore, senior copywriter at Walton Isaacson answers Five Questions with SCREEN.

SCREEN: What's your favorite day of the week? Why?

MOORE: Today. Because you can take care of what you didn’t do yesterday and leave what you don’t want to do for| tomorrow.

SCREEN: Can you cook? If so, what's your go-to dish?

MOORE: Yes. Go-to dish is anything but to go.

SCREEN: What's your most-played iPod track?

MOORE: Bolero – Ravel , it just keeps going round and round and round.

SCREEN: Describe your perfect Sunday?

MOORE: I go to church for the first time in a long time, and I receive a revelation!


SCREEN: What's your favorite American city? Foreign city?

MOORE: Chicago in da summer. Anywhere South of the equator in the winter.