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WELCOME TO COOKE CONCRETE: Chicagoan Ian Martin is ramping up for his debut feature, entitled COOKE CONCRETE. In COOKE CONCRETE, Vince Ford returns home after a subpar first year at college and starts searching for a former classmate who has gone missing. Ian's short film THE EUROPEAN KID is one of my all-times faves and was a hit on the festival circuit, making its World Premiere at SXSW before ending up with us at the Midwest Independent Film Festival. This Kickstarter Staff Pick ends this week, click here to support it now!

COLD WAR ENDS THIS WEEK: Ogilvy & Mather Creative Director Stirling McLaughlin wraps up the kickstarter for his upcoming comedic feature COLD WAR this Friday. Click here for my full story on COLD WAR and to contribute to this kickstarter. To date, Stirling's Kickstarter has brought in $26,020 of its $30,000 goal, let's put it over the top!

WHO IS CONRAD SANDERSON? THE ESTRANGED ESCAPADES OF CONRAD SANDERSON is a short film series, in which every episode has exactly one thing in common: Conrad Sanderson. Whether he's the star, cameo, hero, or villain, the strange and supernatural just can't seem to leave him alone. The series stars Ian Sargent Phillips, Eric Michaels and Dean Symes. Directed By Jeff Simpson, written By Dean P. Symes, produced by Phillips, Symes, Jason Castle and Mary Munez. The indiegogo for EECS is now underway, you can support this production at

BAD ALEX MAKES GOOD: Leo Burnett Senior Producer Brian Fox and Nicole Poull of R/GA just wrapped up an successful indiegogo campaign for their upcoming feature BAD ALEX and now heads into production. Congratulations to this Chicago filmmaking duo and kudos to everyone that helped them surpass their $15,000 indiegogo goal. Click here for my recent write-up on this compelling project, I'll keep you posted as this one gets underway!

ONE LAST STARTER FOR YOU TO KICK: Michael Lippert of Cutters is in post for his short film REVERSAL and has a kickstarter in full swing to raise those post funds. REVERSAL is a time-travel film about an obsessive inventor attempting to prevent a personal tragedy. Click here to contribute to REVERSAL!

Mike McNamara is the Co-Founder of The Midwest Independent Film Festival, Mike pays his rent as an actor in Chicago in theatre, commercials, television and film. More from Mac at