Chicago Reacts to Film Tax Credit Restart

Chicago Reacts to Film Tax Credit Restart

The excitement is still ringing through the greater Chicago production community following last week's announcement that the Illinois Film Tax Credit will be restarted. Here are some reactions from anchors of the film and television community in Chicago...

The tax incentive is the foundation for the expansion of episodic television production in Chicago since 2009. Having the tax incentive back in play will keep the studios looking at Illinois as a long term viable filming location. Hopefully the incentive was reinstated in time to keep Chicago in the running for the 2016 network pilot season.

Rich Lederer, Co-Producer, EMPIRE

This was an absolutely crucial decision for the future of the film/television business in Chicago. With four network TV shows currently being produced at Cinespace Chicago Film Studios, Chicago is on the verge of becoming a major production center. Without the Illinois Film Tax Credit the entire future of production in Chicago was in jeopardy. I commend governor Rauner for his far-sighted decision.


I think that it's great that the credit has come off its 'vacation'. Film is a fragile business, and I hate outsourcing our talent to the coasts or Georgia.

Eddie Linker, Executive Producer, DIGGING FOR FIRE, UNEXPECTED

The return of the tax credit is a HUGE factor in keeping the Chicago production community alive! I'm glad everyone came to their senses and realized that the tax credit is the only way to make Chicago a viable film market. Great news for all of the indie productions who want to showcase the beauty of Chicago and its wonderful community... Now I don't have to move to LA!

JJ Ingram, Line Producer, UNEXPECTED

I was excited to hear that the tax credit was restarted, I thought it was ridiculous to even consider removing an incentive which has obviously benefitted Chicago and its film community in such a big way.


Illinois is a world class film destination, with experts in every field of production, iconic locations, film friendly neighborhoods, extraordinary talent, and extraordinary talent. The Illinois Department of Commerce and the FILM office look forward to continuing to play a role in the business development, revenue, and jobs that are created by the industry.

Christine T. Dudley, Director, Illinois Film Office

As new television and film productions head to Chicago and Illinois in 2016, I'll keep you posted! It might be too early to say but I'll say it anyway... Happy New Year!

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