EASY ABBY Rides 30 Million Viewer Wave Into Season Two

EASY ABBY Rides 30 Million Viewer Wave Into Season Two

30 million views. It's been an auspicious start for the web series EASY ABBY and anticipation is understandably bubbling over as the series is deep into production on Season Two. And they need your help.

EASY ABBY is a female-centered LGBT series about lust, love, and learning how to be a better friend. With a comedic style similar to THE UNBREAKABLE KIMMY SCHMIDT and LOUIE, the series has attracted a staggering 30 million views on YouTube, despite its very small budget. EASY ABBY is currently streaming in 12 languages and has fans all around the world, including Germany, Turkey, Australia, Saudi Arabia and the UK. Viewer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with fans expressing appreciation for the show’s awkward emotional moments and relatable queer and straight characters.

“This is truly independent filmmaking. It's fresh. It's a "How to Get the Girl" class! And it’s fun to create women-driven, non-traditional entertainment that doesn't answer to mainstream gatekeepers.” explains writer and director, Wendy Jo Carlton.

Co-Producer and cast member Laura Chernicky adds, "The fact that we have gained over 30 Million worldwide views and over 24,000 subscribers for Easy Abby Season One is unique in itself for a low budget web series. I think the reason people are watching and anticipating Season Two is the interestingly sexy, smart, relatable storylines and the strength of all the rich characters in Abby's world."

Season Two promises new storylines about how to deal with anxiety disorders and the secrets of female orgasm. The series also announces new cast members Guinevere Turner (THE L WORD, CHASING AMY), Billy Aaron Brown (CHICAGO PD), and Marga Gomez (HBO's COMIC RELIEF).

Looking ahead to Season Two, Chernicky told SCREEN, "I am most excited for the even broader character range and flavor we are bringing to Season Two. This next season heats up in many ways for Abby, her mother, and Abby's colorful circle of friends and lovers. In Season Two, we are playing more with the idea of putting all the weirdness, curveballs, highs & lows of sex, dating, and relationships out there. I think people will find Season Two fresh, fun, real sexy, and current to the shifts happening in the type of content people want to see today."

So what about the "EASY ABBY needs your help" part mentioned at the top of this article? While the first four of twelve episodes are completed, the team has launched an indiegogo campaign thru October 26th to finance shooting the remaining 8 episodes of Season 2. The goal is to raise $10,000 in 30 days, with funds allocated toward paying stipends to the awesome SAG-AFTRA union Cast, the small dedicated Crew, lunch and coffee for the team, that sorta thing. You can support this production immediately by donating to this indiegogo campaign at http://igg.me/at/easyabby-season2

In order to grow this production community, we need to SUPPORT this production community. Here's a great chance for you to do your part. As Season Two heads back into production then to the anxiously awaiting webwaves, I'll keep you posted!

Mike McNamara is the Co-Founder of The Midwest Independent Film Festival, www.midwestfilm.org. Mike pays his rent as an actor in Chicago in theatre, commercials, television and film. More from Mac at www.findmac.com.