BLACK Launches Season Two

BLACK Launches Season Two

Director Frank T. Ziede’s (SHOOTER, DOGS OF WAR) suspenseful and authentic action web series BLACK has launched its highly anticipated Season Two. A high action web series crafted in the style of the feature film ACT OF VALOR, the highly successful video game franchise CALL OF DUTY: MODERN WARFARE and the hit Fox television series 24, the first season of BLACK became quite a popular YouTube destination in 2014, and Season 2 promises more suspense, more action and hopefully even more attention in the competitive web series market. BLACK is an action web series that stars Mikal Vega (TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION) as Agent Carnahan, a secret government operative who must lead his team of military operators against terrorists who threaten the United States. In the first season, Carnahan’s team took on a cell responsible for an attack on the CIA, a battle that spanned six action-packed episodes. The second season will see them battle a group of cyberterrorist mercenaries.

"Look, we know that BLACK is not reinventing the wheel when it comes to the action genre," Ziede told SCREEN. "But what we do is create big action on an indie budget. Action and low-budget usually don't go together, but in our world we believe we've achieved that goal."

And as for how Ziede as his team was able to accomplish that goal, "We utilize former military and law enforcement veterans to have a high level of technical accuracy when it comes to the on-screen combat, military jargon, and so on. My directing idol, Michael Mann, was always a stickler for these things and I'm just learning from his example."

For Season Two, Ziede teamed with p3 mediaworks, founded by Corey and Curtis Gilbert, to operate as series producers as well as the production house for Ziede's Power Forward Films.

BLACK: SEASON TWO is available in its entirety for your viewing pleasure on YouTube by clicking here. Enjoy it, share it... and in the meantime, I'll keep you posted as BLACK gears up for Season Three.

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