11 Dollar Bill Tees Off New Spots

11 Dollar Bill Tees Off New Spots

When Director Al Wyatt was called on to prepare two new spots building on last year’s campaign for TeeOff.com by PGA TOUR, he turned to Chicago-based 11 Dollar Bill to again handle editing and post effects.

The golf course booking site wanted Wyatt’s agency/production company JetPack to feature the signature course at TPC Sawgrass, particularly, hole number 17. He had no idea how big a challenge that would prove to be.

“A major tournament had ended two days before,” recalled Clark Jackson, 11 Dollar Bill’s post production supervisor and colorist. “There were stands everywhere and the courses were beaten up.”

For hole 17, that didn’t just mean fixing the grass, it meant digitally reconstructing vistas that included Sawgrass’ ornate clubhouse and removal of the reflection of the stands from the hole’s water hazard without losing the water’s texture.

“When we got there my eyes popped out of my head,” Wyatt says. “I wasn’t expected that much in the way of grandstands. And while we’re looking one of the clients was saying, by the way, when those grandstands aren’t there you can see the clubhouse.”

For all those challenges, the team at 11 Dollar Bill was able to take stock of the scene, map it out, and then recreate it with shots taken in Woodstock, Ill. and from pictures on the course.

“Almost seventy percent of the final shot ended up being digitally created or enhanced back in Chicago,” said Tyler Scheitlin, 11 Dollar Bill’s head of compositing and visual effects.

And it was a complete success.

“The folks at PGA TOUR live in Florida, so for us to be able to re-create the hole as it should be and for them to say, it looks great, it sounds like a small compliment but it’s massive,” Wyatt says. “For them to know how it looks and feels seven months out of the year, that’s a huge feather in our caps.”

The two spots, airing now, star two characters that were introduced in last year’s campaign. Both were written by Wyatt to show off the courses that area available for booking online through TeeOff.com by PGA TOUR. The golfers, one cocky, the other the straight man, teleport from one course to another.

“The challenge was fitting their stories and personalities within the 30 seconds of the spot,” says Jess Weber, 11 Dollar Bill’s editor on the spots. “We had to cut some lines, and worked really well with [Wyatt] in the cutting room to make sure we kept the comedy in there and also making sure client got the screen time they wanted four the courses in the spot. Our goal was to make the client laugh upon first review and we achieved that.”

The success of the two spots this year built on the teamwork from Wyatt and Jetpack together with 11 Dollar Bill last year; those two spots won bronze and silver Addys from the Chicago Advertising Federation.

“We did this campaign last year and I worked with the wonderful people at 11 Dollar Bill for a couple of years,” Wyatt said. “They’re just fantastically talented people.”


Client: TeeOff.com by PGA TOUR

Production Company: Jetpack Agency

Director: Al Wyatt

Post-Production: 11 Dollar Bill

Editor: Jess Weber

Compositing/Visual Effects: Tyler Scheitlin

Post-Production Supervisor/Colorist: Clark Jackson