Watch a VO Session Go Wrong

Watch a VO Session Go Wrong

Thinking of going into advertising? Actor/Writer/Director Tim Mason and Optimus put together a short film to pull back the curtain on one simple voice over session.

Mason, a veteran of The Second City works with Hog Butcher, a content creation company led by Ron Lazeretti and made up of improvisers, comedians and writers. Their longstanding relationship with Optimus made the setting and production work on “No Other Way To Say It” a natural.

“Tim Mason had this idea, he talked to me about it and we were immediately behind him,” says ONE at Optimus’ EP/Managing Director Lisa Masseur. “It came together so quickly. We had the gear, the studio and staff, there was great talent involve and the final product definitely exceeded everyone’s expectations.”

The short focuses on a pair of ad creatives attempting to coax the proper inflection from a voice over actor to sell a fictitious ice cream brand. It stars Beth Melewski, recently the host of Chicago Cash Cab.

Edited by Optimus’ Mike Berg, the piece today has more than 87,000 views on YouTube. While it was originally posted August 9 it was only officially released Monday.

“I think we’re going to hit 100,000,” said Masseur. “It’s got some great momentum in, not just the advertising community but the comedy one as well. It’s just a little slice of the ad world. We’re kind of making fun of ourselves.”