Director Anthony Garth joins Seed Media Arts

Director Anthony Garth joins Seed Media Arts

Detroit-based director Anthony Garth has joined Seed Media Arts for National Representation. Being a native of Detroit, his talents for creating cinematic storytelling while incorporating unique, unexpected, narratives have been tapped by Chevy, Ford, Lincoln, Dassault, GM, Jeep, and Frontier. His spots “Born of Choir” for Chrysler and “Pure Michigan” Michigan Tourism have won multiple awards for agencies McCann Erickson and Doner. Anthony has a long list of repeat clients who rely on him visually to help push their brands to the next level. He remains represented locally, in Detroit, with Avalon Films a company who shares both Seed’s values and culture.

While studying photography and architecture, Anthony saw an opportunity to combine his passions for music and the visual form by becoming a director beginning his career creating music videos for the likes of The White Stripes and Jim Jones, soon moving up the charts to Eminem and Kid Rock.

“Anthony produces with an adept use of composition and light while capturing humanity in its essence," says Seed’s Head of Sales, Jessica Rae Connell. "His work consistently makes clear the connection between an environment / situation and human emotion / personality within the narratives of his films.”

Anthony and Seed founder Roy Skillicorn have been are pals for years, and recently shot a 6 day shoot in South Africa.

“What an exciting time to partner up with SEED and Roy Skillicorn," says Garth. "I have always respected what he brings to the table for a director. He understands my work and has a deep client base. I am looking forward to 2016 with a great team at Seed."