Call Sheet: Rudy Returns, the End of the Cold War and More

Call Sheet: Rudy Returns, the End of the Cold War and More

RUDY RETURNS: Rudy returns to Indiana? Could it be? Well, in a way, yes! RUDY director David Anspaugh is back in Indiana to executive produce the feature THE GOOD CATHOLIC. Anspaugh, who also directed another iconic Indiana sports movie you might remember called HOOSIERS, has set up shop and is on Day 16 of shooting as we speak, right in Bloomington, IN, where Anspaugh currently resides full-time. THE GOOD CATHOLIC follows the story of Daniel, an idealistic young priest who loves his job more than anything, until he meets Jane in confession. The conservative elder father Victor and free spirited father Ollie try to help and guide young Daniel as he is forced to confront everything that he believes. The film is written and directed by Paul Shoulberg and stars Danny Glover, John McGinley, Wrenn Schmidt and Zachary Spicer. Click here to follow this film through production

BAD ALEX MAKES GOOD: Is it possible to shoot a full-length feature in three days? Until a couple of weeks ago, I think it's safe to say we would have all said "absolutely not." But director (and Leo Burnett producer) Brian Fox, producer (and R/GA Associate Producer) Nicole Poull and their team have proved otherwise. Fox and Poull wrapped principal shooting for their psychological thriller BAD ALEX over the course of a weekend in January at a West Loop warehouse. Principal casting was headed by O'Connor Casting and brought Chicago talents Guy Massey, Ilyssa Fradin, Fred Zimmerman and Cassidy Slaughter-Mason to the project. As this film forges through post and hits the festival circuit, I'll keep you posted. In the meantime, click here to follow the film.

EAU CLAIRE MY VALENTINE: Wisconsin director Nathan Deming wraps shooting for his feature SPEAKING IN TONGUES this weekend. Deming and his team began filming in Chicago this past summer and will wrap this Sunday, February 14th (special holiday to some) in Eau Claire, WI, where he currently resides. SPEAKING IN TONGUES is a portrait of modern megachurch culture, and one lonely college student named Jake caught in the middle of it. After signing up for a summer long program with the newest church in Chicago, Jake is dragged through the machinery of the organization until he's not sure what he believes anymore. Deming, a London Film School grad, makes his feature film debut with this film, directing the script he co-wrote with co-producer Lawrie Doran. More from Deming and SPEAKING IN TONGUES here.

END OF THE COLD WAR: The romantic comedy COLD WAR, co-directed by Ogilvy Creative Director Stirling McLaughlin and west coaster Wilder Konshack, wrapped up production just after the holidays and is now fully focused on post, targeting a release later this year. In COLD WAR, the story opens with Maggie, a fiercely independent woman, who’s just moved in with her sweet boyfriend, Jon. But before they’ve even finished unpacking, they’re both struck down by the worst flu in years. Trapped at home, spending every living, breathing, suffering moment together, can they weather the cold without resorting to murder? Chicago cast includes Antoine McKay, Antoine Whitfield and other actors not named Antoine; production team includes producer Alli Hartley and DP Jason Chiu, who recently lensed the New York Times Critics Pick HENRY GAMBLE'S BIRTHDAY PARTY, which starts a weeklong engagement at the Siskel Film Center February 26th. Click here to follow COLD WAR and enjoy some behind-the-scenes pics

CAT FOUND: THE ALLEY CAT was filmed in and around Chicago and now, on the heels of a decorated festival run, has just been released on iTunes. Directed by Marie Ullrich, this road movie on a bicycle takes place over a single night. Jasper (played by Chicago native Jenny Strubin) and her bike messenger friends compete in an alley cat race - an underground, alcohol-fueled bike race through Chicago’s deserted nighttime streets. Visit SCREEN's TRAILER PARK to check out the trailer and, more importantly, BUY the film on iTunes!

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