It might be called CHICAGO LAW. It might be called CHICAGO JUSTICE. But either way, it's looking more promising than ever that it will indeed be. The rumblings surrounding potential spinoff CHICAGO LAW over the past year have been louder than ever since CHICAGO MED's successful launch in November, and confidence is climbing steadily following executive producer Dick Wolf's comments Wednesday at the Television Critics Association's winter press tour.

During a panel centering on flagship series CHICAGO FIRE and spinoffs CHICAGO P.D. and CHICAGO MED, the executive producer of all three shows confirmed "there have been discussions" about a fourth entry.

"It would be obviously short-sighted, especially after last week, not to be kicking the tires on what that would be," Wolf told reporters, referring to last week's three-show crossover, which produced solid ratings across the three shows and record results for the Wednesday night finale on CHICAGO P.D. "It would probably be in the legal system."

Meanwhile, NBC Entertainment President Jennifer Salke confirmed with Variety that network executives have met with Wolf about expanding the series once again.

But most promising of all might be one particular turn of events in the three-way crossover last week: a trip to the courtroom. And word is that prospects are good for further development of some of the characters introduced in said courtroom, including attorney Dana Shelby (played by Maureen Sebastian of former hit series REVOLUTION), one of the focal points of the episode. Could we possibly see another back-door pilot in the near future, a la CHICAGO MED via CHICAGO FIRE episode #319. Time will tell.

Again, nothing has been confirmed, but it looks like there might be cause for cautious optimism regarding a new addition to the Dick Wolf's Chicago franchise. As always, I'll keep you posted.

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