Elston Films Nabs Black List Script

Elston Films Nabs Black List Script

When entrepreneur and actor Billy Dec teamed up with producers DeAnna and Kevin Cooper to form Elston Films, the goal was simple: shoot feature films in Chicago. The trio took a huge step towards making that vision a reality by acquiring Black List script BURY THE LEAD, written by up-and-coming screenwriter Justin Kremer. The team plans to head into production later this year.

Kremer’s screenplay centers on a talented journalist who, in his life-long quest for a Pulitzer Prize, fabricates the truth to create a compelling murder story. When his concocted conspiracy becomes real, right and wrong become entangled as he fights for his safety, career, and to save his family before time runs out.

"My Elston Films partners De, Kat & Kevin were reading scripts like crazy for over a year looking for something they thought was the highest of award winning quality to produce as our 1st, with a significant role I could really sink my teeth into," explained Dec. "We couldn't find both in one, until we stumbled upon a script that made the Black List that was the perfect story we wanted to tell."

Madhouse Entertainment's Adam Kohlbrenner and Chicago's Kat Stephans have joined BURY THE LEAD as executive producer and producer, respectively. Kohlbrenner added, “Once again, this shows the value of the Black List as a threshold for the great screenplays to find homes in non-traditional ways. De, Kevin, Billy and Kat are an incredibly passionate creative team and the perfect partner for this film."

“We formed Elston Films to make character driven films that filmmakers, talent and audiences can escape into,” added DeAnna Cooper, Elston Films President. "Justin Kremer's script hits at the heart of the kind of material we are looking for from new artists."

As Dec, Cooper and their team have slated the film to start production in Chicago later this year. As always, I'll keep you posted.

Mike McNamara is the Co-Founder of The Midwest Independent Film Festival, www.midwestfilm.org. Mike pays his rent as an actor in Chicago in theatre, commercials, television and film. More from Mac at www.findmac.com.